The short story

    I grew up in a family with a lot of cycling culture, I practised road racing for 2 years when I was a teenager, I then stopped to devote myself to my studies; I studied fashion. I worked as a stylist, Then I met my boyfriend in 2014; he introduced me to triathlon.

    I immediately started competing on Ironman distances because it seemed to me it was the type of effort that suited me best. Since then, I realized I had made the right choice and my results have proved me right.


    I decided to make a living out of my sport in 2016 and become a professional triathlete, I left my stylist job to devote myself fully to triathlon.


    I do triathlon to challenge myself, I like spending time training outside, and for me it is a way to feel really alive. I love my job and sharing my passion and my enthusiasm with people. In all aspects of life, I take the positive side.


    I train in Béarn, in the Pyrennees. It is an amazing place for training !


    Date of Birth :

    Ocober 6, 1990 in St Lô, FR


    Nationality : 



    Height : 



    Weight : 



    Coach : 

    Florian Gaudilliere


    Studies : 

    Fashion degree


    Original Profession : 



    First Triathlon :



    Hobbies :

    Reading, hiking, nordic skiing, watching sports, grabbing coffee and remake the world with friends


    Hometown :

    Pau, Pyrénées Atlantiques, France


    Favorite Foods : 

    All fresh fruit, especially apples, eggs, super hot coffee, nuts and chocolate


    Favorite workout : 

    Long run with sunrise, open water swimming


    Loves : 

    My Yoga routine, the mountains, the smell of the ocean air, hanging out with my boyfriend, friendly dogs, feel the sun on my skin


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